Soldiers Of History

Those soldiers of history - Protectors of Rajputana pride. You burn, threat and cause havoc, All in your Queen's name. My modern day knights - Sirs - I need your help - My Mothers and Sisters ain't also safe 'round here.



Out on the road - Wild wind consumed our lungs, Many ways were there to travel on, But we had our eyes on one. Fast as wind we flew, Up towards the hill. Alas, I wished we could stop an' see - The sheer beauty of flowers and trees. Soon - we reached the hill-top, … Continue reading One.


Like the waves - ( Reviens) Like the winds- (Reviens) O! Passin' time- Lost memories and- Men. So, we can share another smile, Say the words - Unsaid. And someday - Together - tired, May depart - Peacefully and- Content.